Apron Sink vs Farmhouse Sink: Differences Evaluated

Having a high-quality kitchen-sink enhances the overall workability and comfort in using a kitchen. Today, many stainless steel, fireclay, or ceramic-based sinks are available out there in the market for us. So the variety of this product is utterly immense. But even then, almost everybody has heard of the battle of Apron Sink vs Farmhouse Sink.

Yes, that’s how popular they are! Of course, both of them have their individual uniqueness, advantages, and disadvantages. Today you will be unraveling which sink would be the best for you and why.

Apron Sink

You can count the apron sink (also known as apron front sink) as a somewhat-modern version of the farmhouse sink. It has an uncanny resemblance to the farmhouse sink. But both their designs are the key elements of differentiation.

We can put it in this way – the people who don’t want a farmhouse themed kitchen but prefer using sinks similar to it can opt for an apron sink.
Many people confuse farmhouse as apron sinks. We can’t really blame them, right? But here’s an exciting twist – apron sinks are never considered as a farmhouse sink! Mainly because of their exposing front face design. So you will find it sitting on a counter-top where its front remains exposed.

It has a wide range of sinks based on customer needs. You could get a big one unit depth sink or more along with a built-in chopping board, dish-rack, or a basket to wash your fruits and vegetables. Luckily, the sink is big enough for a person to do multiple works at a time. Washing or chopping vegetables or fruits, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, etc. can be done simultaneously.

Advantages of Apron Sink

  • Metal and ceramic build make the sink much more durable.
  • The sinks depth and large size help in holding and cleaning a huge number of dishes at a time.
  • The front exposure reduces the cabinet damages.
  • You won’t need an extra basin to accommodate the sink.

Disadvantages of Apron Sink

  • Apron sinks are expensive than upper and under-mount sinks.
  • Compared to traditional sinks, the installation is challenging and costly.
  • Apron sinks depth might be disturbing for a tall fellow, as it is not splash-proof.

Farmhouse Sink

The name farmhouse sink is driven by the fact that many such sinks were used in the old farmhouses. So the farmhouse sinks are the traditional sinks, originating from the farmhouse themed kitchens.

Quite often, a lot of people address farmhouse sinks as farmhouse apron sinks. But its most noticeable difference is in the outer-looks. The exterior remains fixed in the kitchen cabinet without exposing a front face. As a result, the whole sink fits nicely inside the kitchen cabinets.

It seems almost like a built-in dishwasher on the kitchen counter! Yes, you read it right. Surprisingly some people find it amusing, whereas some find it hilarious. Nevertheless, the popularity is off the charts. The sink also comes in a variety of designs and sizes, depending on the customer’s needs.

It is a single large tub sink. But it is divisible into two sections. You can use it for multiple works very quickly and with ease. It is also big enough to do multiple works at a time. The most common tasks include washing or chopping vegetables or fruits, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, etc.

Advantages of Farmhouse Sink

  • Comes in a variety of designs providing an aesthetic look for the kitchen.
  • The large sink can be divided into two sections if required.
  • As it usually comes in one large unit, it is easy to maintain.
  • The large size and depth reduce splashing.
  • One could choose between various materials like; marble, stainless steel, porcelain, copper, or enameled cast iron.

Disadvantages of Farmhouse Sink

  • The size of the sink is too big, and one might need to redo his counter-top.
  • It is a bit more expensive than under-mount traditional sinks.
  • Needs an expert to install the sink as it fits inside the counter-top, exposing nothing on the front face.
  • Due to its vast size, you may need an extra basin to accommodate the smaller needs.

Apron Sink vs. Farmhouse Sink: Which One To Go For

People often can’t separate apron farmhouse sinks from each other. This confusion is nothing new and has been in existence for a long time now. Basing on their differences here, I’ll help you choose the best sink for your kitchen, keeping in mind the primary user conditions and demands.

I will explain the sinks’ fundamental differences in categories. Other than that, you’ll see me focusing on their deviations, advantages, and disadvantages. And after compiling all this info, you will be able to draw a conclusion on which one you want.

Difference In Design 

Both the sinks are large and have a deep surface. But the apron sink has an exposed front; thus, it’s visible over the counter-top.

It also comes with a built-in drainboard or a backsplash and has an attached chopping board or a stainless steel basket.

The farmhouse sink is crafted inside the counter-top. So it exposes nothing from the outside.

But it does no’t come with a built-in drainboard nor a backsplash. And rather than having several compartments, it’s generally one large sink, which can be divided into two separate rooms.

Difference In Materials and Faucet

Manufacturers usually make apron sinks out of fireclay, cast iron, ceramic, and metal. Whereas they make farmhouse sink out of stainless steel, porcelain, marble, concrete, granite, ceramic, enameled cast iron, or copper. They are thus giving the customer a wide variety.

Apron sinks are generally made of fireclay or cast iron. But they can also be made of ceramic and metal. The farmhouse sink is made of stainless steel, the apron sink comes with a built-in wall-mounted faucet.

On the other hand, the farmhouse sink can install a counter-top faucet, a traditional farmhouse sink faucet, or a wall-mounted faucet as per one’s wish.

Difference in Style

The apron sink has multiple compartments for cutting vegetables or fruits and washing dishes separately. It also includes a large drying area.

The farmhouse sink is a single workstation. It has only one large compartment, including the farmhouse faucet. It doesn’t have any drain-board, chopping board, or drying area.

Apron sinks provide a traditional urban look through its exposed front face. The farmhouse sink gives a modern aesthetic look to the kitchen due to its seamless sink design.

Difference In Installation

As the apron sink has an exposed front face, it needs an expert to craft the counter-top perfectly as per measurements. It also includes a drying board or area; it’s comparatively bigger and takes time installing. If it’s a ceramic or fireclay made sink, it also gets heavy.

Whereas a farmhouse sink has a size that is relatively standard to the common eye. So its installation is more comfortable and straightforward. You will need almost no extra crafting on the counter-top.

As the farmhouse sink has a standard measurement of depth, it won’t cost you a lot to install new equipment. On the contrary, the depth of some farmhouse sinks might be a little off-chart. As a result, you might end up installing another mini basin beside it.

Which One Is Best For You?

Both of these sinks are replaceable, as they have a shared service purpose, which is to clean dishes, wash clothes, vegetables, or fruits. Again they both have a wide variety of designs and styles out there in the market.

Naturally, the two contenders have their own flaws and perks, along with some unique qualities that differentiate each other. As time evolved, there has been an excellent design, style, material, and quality variation.

You can say that farmhouse sinks are moderately used in old farmhouse themed kitchens for a traditional and classic look. On the other hand, the apron sink should be your go-to for a more modern and aesthetic appearance.
Even though the apron sink is for giving a modern vibe, still farmhouse sink has the most variety of options out there in the market, basing on style, design, and crafting material.

So, in a nutshell, if you want an old school traditional farmhouse themed kitchen, then you should go for farmhouse sinks. On the other hand, if you want a modern aristocratic look, the apron sink wins the title. But the best part of this entire post is that you can interchange sides in the apron sink vs. farmhouse sink battle anytime you want!

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